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Welcome to Torque Drilling

Leading the way into a new era of Reverse Circulation Drilling

Established in 2005, Torque Drilling, based in Pretoria / Tshwane, has conducted work country wide as well as outside of the borders of South Africa with great success.We are glad to announce that due to our phenomenal growth during the past financial year that we have progressed from being a CC to a PTY Ltd Company.
All operations are managed by Pierre and Vincent Niemand in conjunction with Jasper Ngobeni and Hendrik Jacobs,Site Manager, .
Torque Drilling carries an overall B-BBEE Status of Level 3 (Three) with a score of 75.78% with a 100% B-BBEE Procurement recognition.
SEESA Labour oversees all our labour related issues and contractual agreement obligations between employer and employee as stipulated by legislation. We demand high standards of workmanship from our employees and have successfully completed projects with various mining houses. We are proud to announce that 28% shares has been sold to a company owned by a black women (Nomsa Ngobeni) currently stationed in Mpumalanga and specializes in Diamond Drilling
Our Rigs are built by Thor Drilling from Rayton under leadership of Rudi Greyling and sons Len and Carl Greyling. We utilize Ingersol Rand compressors powered by the old workhorse Mechanical Cummins 400 h/p, 6 cylinder big cam turbo 1070 CFM delivering 24 bar consistently. We utilize a unique sampling and splitter system on our rigs to ensure that samples supplied to geologists are free of any contamination, we can supply 2 samples from per meter up to 5 meter samples. We have developed a hydraulically operated ‘keeper spanner’ to minimise the risk of injuries. We have developed a highly successful dust suppression system which eliminates dust while drilling is in progress. Our rigs are cleaned and preventative maintenance performed on a weekly basis.
We comply with any environmental regulations stipulated by any of our customers. We endeavour not to cause any damage to the environment in which we perform our operations be it on mine premises or private customers. It is standard policy with us to ensure minimum disruption or damage to any area in which we work. We strive not to cause any damage to vegetation or landscape. We clean up any site on which we work and ensure that no pollution of waste materials is left behind. As far as possible there will be no pollution by any lubricants such as oil or grease on any of our drilling sites.
As Torque Drilling it is of utmost importance for us to ensure a safe environment for our employees, fellow contractors and any person in the vicinity of our operations. We comply with all Health and Safety regulations stipulated in our contractual agreements with our customers. We attend and actively participate in health and safety meetings held at the mines where we operate. Our employees are trained in all aspects of health and safety. Staff are encouraged to attend training sessions offered at various mines. We currently have a 11 year fatal incident free record.
Our vision is to be the drilling operator of choice in the drilling industry. Our company is based on high moral and ethical standards. We are honest and trustworthy in all of our transactions We abide with all legislation and regulations within our industry. We care about our people and the people we deal with. We are proud of our work and our equipment. We have a solid Christian foundation.
Torque Drilling has a number of ongoing projects in local communities. We currently are financing studies for a geological student at Tshwane University, We are grooming a Black Female in the field of Business Administration. We have done water boreholes in various Rural Communities and fitted them with environmentally friendly solar pumps to supply irrigation for vegetable gardens and water for households.
We are specialists in the following and strive to be the best in our industry.
Holes for Blasting
Pilot Holes
Monitoring Holes
Reverse Circulation (RC)
Water Holes
We have drilled and done exploration drilling on various minerals such as:



Nkomati Mine

Tel: Karel Coetzer 082 968 9922

Rockwell Diamonds Resources

Tel: Glenn Norton 084 799 1053


Tel: Casper Badenhorst 084 799 1053

Foskor Mine

Tel: Pieter Venter 0834143805

Sephaku Cement

Tel: Evan Shaw 0795287284

Geo Active Geologist

Tel: Dr Johan Kruger 082 397 0617

Discovery Drilling

Tel:  Francois 082 888 9492


Tel: Herbert Robertson 0832849009